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1. Download and install SEP sesam. (Further instructions we will send you after registration)

Which package to download? Here you can find the overview!

SEP Server package

*Need to download always

*If only server package is downloaded, only one computer can be backed up

*If you want to backup more computers: Server package can be combined with Client package or RDS package


SEP Clients package

*Must be on all computers which should be backed up

*Allows you to back up multiple machines (in combination with the SEP Server package)

SEP RDS package

*Needed if the data is to be backed up to a different location 

*Server only acts as an intermediary to the RDS and knows where the data is stored.

*Also includes a client

Still questions? You will find answers here!

2. Register here, get the community license and importit into SEP sesam.

In the Community Edition you can use SEP sesam to its full extent for a limited number of systems.
The software is suitable for home use or for example for smaller test environments. 

You can find an overview of which systems you can backup with SEP sesam here.
For help there is our excellent wiki documentation and our forum (vendor support excluded).
If you decide to use SEP sesam productively, you can upgrade the Community Edition to a full-fledged edition at any time. 

Backup Data

  • 3 TB Storagepool

  • 1 TB Si3 Deduplication
     > Replication
     > Source-Side-Deduplication

Included Backup Options

  • No limit for the Frontside Data!

Included Backup Options

  • 5x Backup Clients

  • 3x Streams

  • 1x NDMP

  • 1x each hypervisor inc. 5 VMs

  • 1x of L2 applications
    (Groupwise, Kopano, OpenLDAP, IMAP)

Included Backup Options

  • 5x Mailuser

  • 1x RDS

  • 1x BSR

  • 1x NetApp

  • 1x of L2 databases (Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL)

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SEP sesam First Steps

Here you will learn step by step everything about the installation, the first backup and navigation on the SEP sesam user interface.

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Community Edition

Our documentation, how to obtain and activate the community edition license after installation.

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SEP Forum

Discuss in the forum with other SEP sesam users to exchange your thoughts and ideas.

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