SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication
Storage space instead of redundancy

Storage-saving inline deduplication solution against the increasing flood of data

Every administrator knows when evaluating the annual comparison, double-digit growth rates are often recorded for data volumes. IDC forecasts a five-fold increase in the amount of data generated annually in the coming years. Usually, IT managers react to this by purchasing new storage capacities - and this process puts themselves offside in the long term. In addition, companies are legally obliged to regularly and reliably implement suitable data backup routines. But how remains this from possible against the background of growth scenarios without building up a complex, new IT infrastructure for it?

This is where SEP sesam Si3 deduplication comes in. Efficient Si3 inline deduplication uses variable block lengths, is high-performance and is performed simultaneously with the backup processes. There is no staging area for buffering the data. Deduplicated data consists of two elements: A pool of data blocks and a catalogue that references the pool of data blocks. This catalogue knows the original file name and the reference to the data blocks it contains. When an identical file is backed up repeatedly, only one entry is written to the file catalogue with a reference to the blocks which are already stored in the pool. The deduplication solution divides the data blocks within the file like a template. SEP sesam Si3 deduplication is the basis for bandwidth-saving replication of data between distributed company locations or data centers.

Up to 90% savings in backup storage requirements

Plug and Play with just one click

Reduction of electricity consumption and air conditioning costs

Basis for bandwidth-saving replication in distributed environments

SEP sesam Si3 Deduplizierung

Cost-effective inline deduplication solution

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How SEP sesam deduplication works

Target Deduplication

SEP deduplication technology works with variable block lengths rather than fixed ones. The difference between the two technologies only becomes clear when a file is modified. When adjusting with fixed block lengths, all blocks must be saved again after the changed position within the file, because the template pattern no longer fits. For variable block lengths, the length of the block is changed at the changed position of the file until the template fits the rest of the file again. The software analyzes this using an algorithm. This means that only a few changed blocks have to be stored in the pool. Furthermore, SEP deduplicates sesam Si3 based on DedupStores. Identical data blocks from all backup sources that will be stored in a DedupStore are only available once, resulting in a backup storage saving of up to 90%.

The SEP solution gives administrators a free hand whether the backup server and thus the storage of the Si3 DedupStore is operated on Windows or Linux. Mounting individual backups independently of the operating system of the backup server is also possible. In addition, flexible storage solutions such as Software Defined Storage (SDS) can be used.

Source-Side Deduplication

With source-side deduplication, the focus is on efficiency when transferring backups over the network. The backup of data is faster and the network load decreases noticeably.

Source-side deduplication is used to protect distributed sites and increase data center efficiency. Every SEP sesam backup client (from version 4.4.3) contains the deduplication engine. SEP sesam Si3 Source-Side Dedup helps to significantly increase backup speeds to/from clouds, remote locations and data centers while conserving backup storage and network resources.
The SEP Si3 Source-Side Deduplication can be used hardware-independently and thus increases the flexibility when using the solution. Moving backups to a remote location or to the cloud creates a high degree of additional security. The backup storage is used optimally - there are no more duplicates on the Si3 DedupStore. Savings in data traffic over the network of up to 90% do not help to invest in expensive bandwidth expansions for connecting remote locations.

SEP Tachometer - SEP sesam deduplication analysis tool

With the SEP Tachometer we provide you with a flexible data analysis tool, with which you can analyze your possible backup storage savings with the SEP sesam Si3 deduplication easily, quickly and without cost.

1. Install SEP speedometers on your Windows, Linux or Mac platform.

2. Thanks to SEP speedometers you are able to evaluate your SEP sesam DataStore or any other connected data storage (also NFS shares) offline

3. SEP Tachometer then uses this evaluation to determine the possible savings through SEP sesam Si3 deduplication.

4. These results are then displayed in a clear graphical evaluation.

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Key Features:
DeduplicationConcurrent block-level
Direct block level access
Multi Stream Backup Integration
Bandwidth savings potential for replication (WAN)up to 90 %
Savings in storage requirementsup to 60:1
Full integration into the SEP sesam Managed surface
Storage connectionServer, Remote Device Server
Variable block size
Application typephysical, virtual
supported architectures64 Bit
Test Period30 days
connections of the dedup store Backup Server, Remote Device Server (RDS)
Recommended maximum size per dedup store 15 TB
Dedupstore flexibly extendable:
Operating system DedupStoreLinux, Windows
Responsives Bild

On Demand Webinar - SEP sesam Hybrid Backup Introduction & Live Demo

  • Functionality of Si3 Inline Deduplication
  • The numerous possibilities for securing a wide variety of environments
  • Live-Demo

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